Alex Hoskins

Alex Hoskins

Stage name: Alex Gold
Age: 23
Act: Male Stripper
Location: Portsmouth
Height: 5ft, 10″
Ethnicity: English
Interests: Gym, Fitness, Health,  Surfing, Beach
Client preference: Both sex
Guilty pleasure: Lazy days eating Cheat food on Sundays, Relaxing watching movies, Taking my son Alfie to watch children movies when really I’m the Big kid wanting to watch them more secretly.


First started as Butler but asking to do it for charity , and really enjoyed it and then met my now best friend who was a stripper who took me under his wing and taught me everything he knows and we now we travel around the country and to even other country’s to do shows , I have worked with the dream boys, the Adonis and the U.K. Pleasure boys , my inspiration comes from magic mike and 50 shades of grey films, my life outside of male entertainer is pretty hectic with a 3 year old and full time job Monday to Friday , trying to fit everything in can be hard work but it’s worth it and wouldn’t change anything for the world.

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