Dave Cunningham

Stage name: Delicious Dave
Age: 30
Location: Kent
Height: 6ft, 1″
Ethnicity: English
Interests: Gym, Training, Movies, Hanging out with Friends and Butlering for Hen parties
Client preference: Female
Guilty pleasure: 80’s music like Power ballads


I decided to step things up with my training in 2013 and step on stage as a fitness model. I’ve always been quite comfortable in my own skin so it felt great to be in front of thousands of people and showcase the hard work, shortly after my first show I had the opportunity to do some butler in the buff work and took to it like a fish to water and have loved doing it ever since. It feels natural and comfortable for me to be in a room of 10, 20, 30 women with nothing but a bow tie and an apron on, I love the whole experience and I love meeting new people every week and get to be a part of such a special event for them. Plus it helps from competing that I squat a lot so I have the legs and bum to rock the apron, which the girls always compliment me on….wink.

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